"Your beard is a layer of your identity.....So speak to the King in you!"

Odell Walker • King Beard & Company

King Beard & Company

This is the era of the beard and beard maintenance.  King Beard & Company is dedicated to giving you a safe, aromatic and wonderful product that is great for your facial hair and your skin.  100% Organic and mixed together by myself, Odell Walker.  I ensure you a great product that will leave you being loved as soon as you walk past

After thoroughly testing my own fragrance recipes over and over AND OVER again, I have finally came up with the perfect measurements of great smell and even greater nourishing qualities.  It took a long time to mix and remix the right ingredients, but it was well worth the wait!

As men, we need to take care of our beards.  We owe it to them for giving us a manly appearance and a cloak of confidence that can not be replicated.  This is what we mean when we say “King Beard”  Treat yourself right and the people will follow suit

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